Giants 2011 Schedule, Mock Win/Loss Edition


I just posted the schedule with some thoughts — but now to the bread and butter.  The W’s and L’s.

Here’s the way my gut sees it at this very moment:

Week 1:  at Redskins 4:15 p.m. — WIN

Week 2:  RAMS 8:30 p.m. — WIN

Week 3: at Eagles 1 p.m. — LOSS

Week 4: at Cardinals 4:05 p.m. — WIN

Week 5: SEAHAWKS 1 p.m. — WIN

Week 6: BILLS 1 p.m. — WIN

Week 7: Oct. 23 BYE  (5-1 at the break)

Week 8: DOLPHINS 1 p.m. — WIN

Week 9: at Patriots 4:15 p.m. — LOSS

Week 10: at 49ers 4:15 p.m. — WIN

Week 11: EAGLES 8:20 p.m. — WIN

Week 12: at New Orleans — LOSS

Week 13: PACKERS 4:15 p.m. — LOSS

Week 14: at Cowboys 8:20 p.m. — LOSS

Week 15:  REDSKINS 1 p.m. — WIN

Week 16:  at Jets 1 p.m. — WIN

Week 17: COWBOYS 1 p.m. — WIN

TOTAL:  11-5 and playoff bound

This year, the Giants face near collapse after losing 3 in a row against good teams but rally to win their final 3 games and make the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

My rationale as always with the division games is that the Giants are going to split with the Eagles and Cowboys, with the wins coming at home for the Giants.  But the Giants have swept the Redskins for the past several years and they’ll be representing New York on 9/11 — so I’m going to stay with that trend and pick the Giants to beat the Skins both on the road and at home.

Now for the losses from most obvious to least.

Packers — after last year and seeing Aaron Rodgers throw absolutely 100% perfect passes over the top of the Giants defense, while giving up copious yardage on the ground to a team that could barely run the ball, and getting shut down by the Packers defense to boot… I am not convinced that the Giants offense or defense has what it takes to beat the defending champs without a serious look in the mirror at all levels, and some luck.

Eagles — the first Eagles game on the road is going to be a painful reminder for the Giants that they need a complete game against this bitter rival.  The Eagles for the past few seasons have found a way to get the Giants out of their comfort zone, stopping the run, and creating turnovers.  The Giants will drop one once again to the team that seems to have their number, but I see the Giants getting revenge later in the year with a victory in the Meadowlands.

Patriots — let’s just say Bill Belichick and Tom Brady with the Patriots at home are going to want to destroy the Giants after that little spoiling their perfect season in 2007, the whole Superbowl 42 underdog triumph thing… and of course because the Pats are going to be good as always.  They find a way to win that one if only by a field goal.

New Orleans — Drew Brees in the Dome after a slightly off year, will be on point in 2011.  He can pick a team apart unlike any other whether it be deep bombs, pinpoint back shoulder throws, or even settling for the check downs to keep the drive alive.  I see the Giants having some problems down in Nawlins, and they drop one of three in a row here unfortunately.

Cowboys — America’s Team has not had a decent showing agains the Giants since their new stadium opened in 2009 — that trend ends this year at week 14.  I may be in attendance, I may not be.  But for some reason I see the Giants mailing this one down to Jerry’s World after a bad slide with 3 straight losses.  But like I said earlier, I see them getting their mojo back against the Redskins at home and propelling to a strong finish and making the playoffs.