Watch: Giants Schedule Breakdown


The NFL has a nice breakdown of the Giants 2011 Season schedule, check it out if you haven’t already:

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Justin Tuck had this to say of the schedule:

"“a 5 week bye and then the NFL version of ‘Good Luck.’ We got hosed.”"

Not the optimism we’re looking for JT!

But that comment aside — the perception IS the reality. Quarterback questions surrounding the Redskins, 49ers, and Cardinals are all going to play into the Giants favor before the bye. But after the bye, you have a BRUTAL schedule for the Giants that includes the defending champs, the Saints, the Eagles, Cowboys, and Patriots.

I don’t think the Giants got hosed, I mean there are other teams with tough schedules all year long like the Jets and Steelers just to name the teams off the top of my head… but the Giants have a very hard finishing schedule which will be amplified for Tom Coughlin who seems to have trouble finishing his seasons save for one VERY savory 2007 season where everything seemed to go right for our boys in blue.

[Clip via NFL Videos]