Jerry Reese Presser Today at Noon


via, GM Jerry Reese previewed the 2011 NFL Draft this afternoon and had a lot of insightful things to say about the state of the Giants front office one week out from draft day.

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• Strange to have the draft before free agency

• Willing to trade up or down depending on availability of their player without “giving away the farm”

• We try not to over-evaluate, scouting wrapped up in February and now the Giants are stacking their big board

• Reese has been able to concentrate more time than usual on scouting since free agency isn’t in play

• While awareness of position needs is always there, “Best player available” is first priority in the draft, free agency will fill in the holes afterwards

• “If we need a running back…” vs choosing high value defensive tackle

• Reese refused to comment on Barry Cofield leaving the Giants as a free agent or whether he would ask for a trade, and whether Defensive Tackle was that much more of need for the Giants in 2011 as a result

• The best thing to do on draft day is not panic

• Teams can have no contact with prospects other than calling to say “hi” or “congratulations”

• Injured Giants according to doctors are “doing better” – referring to Steve Smith, Rich Seubert, and Mathias Kiwanuka

• Popularity of spread offense in college’s top teams may further dictate offensive schemes at the NFL level, particularly at QB

• Future contract players primarily create competition for every position on the team

• When asked if Linebacker is a position of need, Reese said that the Giants are interested in strengthening every position.

• Adrian Tracy, Phillip Dillar, Clint Sintim need to play more so they can evaluate what they can do for the Giants. Sintim in particular has not played enough due to mature, suffered from too many injuries to be well evaluated.

• Ramses Barden has extreme potential with the expectation that he step into a starting role with the Giants.

• Will Beatty, Adam Koets, and Mitch Petreus all mentioned as future starters of the Giants that are expected to step up this year. Acknowledged that the Giants won every game and ran the ball well with young starters at OL.

• Running backs, Offensive Linemen, Defensive tackles listed as priority – IN THAT ORDER

• Giants will pick best player in the draft according to their big board — even if that means it will deeped the already sufficient defensive line.

• Reese ‘not crazy about’ the 3-day draft format, but acknowledges that the fans love it

•  John [Mara] really likes sitting in on prospect meetings, one of his favorite things to week in and out

• No arguments come draft day, meaning the front office is on the same page and ready to “pull the trigger” when the time comes