Draft Week: Top LB Candidates

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“Hey! Wait a minute. I thought this was an article to see what LB the Giants would acquire.” Well, you are right. However, the Top 5 LB’s will NOT be available to the G-Men who have the 19th selection of the first round and the 20th of the second. While they COULD pick up Martez Wilson in the first round, it’s just not going to happen. The Giants will pick an C/OL in the first round, as Andrew pointed out in his article. I think Mike Pouncey would be a great addition to the team but I differ with Andrew on whom Big Blue will take in the 1st round, or at least I hope they make a different selection. So, what LB will the Giants pick up in the second round?

Well, if RB Ryan Williams is still available, the Giants will be grabbing him up. In the area of Big Blue needs, and the best available players, Williams would be the not so easy choice.

If Williams is not available, Quan Sturdivant will be the Giants second round Draft selection. The LB pool in this year’s draft is quite shallow, unless you have one of the first three picks and are in need of a linebacker. After that, the pickins’ are mighty slim. That is not to say that there aren’t any good LB’s out there. There just aren’t a great deal of LB’s that a team would be crazy enough to use their first round selection on. There aren’t a great deal of RB’s in this Draft either. The wealth of this Draft is in the DL area.

Many anticipate Casey Matthews being added to the Giants roster. That may or may not happen. That will all depend on the choices made by other teams and what is left to rummage through. Quan Sturdivant is a much more rounded back and one that Lawrence Taylor is pretty psyched up about. His stock dropped due to a hamstring injury for which he missed five games last season. But his abilities are undeniable. This guy can play the game. With the help of Perry Fewell and the rest of the Giants coaching staff, this kid can easily reach the next level.

Sturdivant is 6′ 1″, 241 lbs, can play in man coverage, stop the run and rush the QB. Many consider him to be the “sleeper of the 2011 NFL Draft.” Consider me one of them.