Draft Week: Top CB Candidates

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This years draft casts a very different landscape than those of past years; the lockout and now the injunctive relief regarding the lockout saw to that. Federal judges writing voluminous decisions and white shoe law firms burning through thousands of dollars per billable hour in an effort to promote their specific argument, much attention has been diverted from this year’s draft. In less than 24 hours the draft will commence and yet we know very little as to what the courts will decide in the coming weeks and if there will even be a 2011 season. Although a player/fan friendly decision was recently handed down by the court, one should never underestimate the determination of the owners. These people did not become billionaires because they are shrinking violets. This story is just beginning and will only get more nasty, divisive and confrontational as time goes on. It is with these atmospherics that I attempt to profile some of the top corners available in the 2011 draft.

The defensive backfield is the last line of defense and as such demands outstanding athletes blessed with guile and toughness. Perhaps the most challenging of defensive positions, in no small part due to the one-sided offensive minded rules of the game, the Giants are actually in an enviable position due to their outstanding front four. Many of the units’ flaws may be hidden as a quarterback is running for his life with no chance to get the ball downfield. For the most part the 2010 Giants cornerbacks did a reasonable job.

Although not a priority, the Giants may have some fortune in drafting their corners in the later rounds and though the drafted may not supplant the current starters on the depth chart they could be very helpful in adding depth and impacting special teams.

Due to the possible departure of some special team players through free agency this might be an opportunity to fortify a group that was arguably the weak link of the team. I am sure no blue-blooded Giant fan will soon forget the debacle of the Eagles’ DeSean Jacksons’ return as time ran out. A speedy, aggressive corner/gunner special team player might have helped although Matt Dodge did the squad no favors with that abysmal punt.

Their current compliment of backers boasts a competent group albeit not necessarily game changers. Certainly the addition of Antrel Rolle and the return of Kenny Phillips to some degree of health was a great improvement over the CC and the “Daylights all here Gang” Brown from the previous year. Corey Webster was dependable though not always inspiring, Terrell Thomas flashed moments of excellence and Aaron Ross was capable role player. There was a time many thought Ross would emerge as a perennial all pro but that never quite played out. There have been rumblings of Ross’ somewhat ambivalent attitude toward football and perhaps that explains his performance falling short of excellent.

The Giants’ current stable of corner backs also include Bruce Johnson, Brian Jackson, Michael Coe, Joe Burnett, Cary Harris, Woodny Turrene. I seriously doubt that this gaggle of Giants will force Canton to clear space for their induction but it also a group that is not entirely void of some talent.