MVP for the Players, Judge Nelson Sacked as Owners Throw All out Blitz

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Ok, enough asserting of my civic duties in my attempt to maintain a vigil in participating in this Republic we all hold dear. Onto your bigger concern, the possible re-instatement of the lockout better know as the Stay from the previous Injunction.

We NFL football fans like to evaluate matchups, both individual as well as teams. But the future of the NFL is not currently in the hands of your favorite players or teams. No, it is now the lawyers who take center stage, substituting team jerseys for Brooks Brother’s suits and cleats for Farragamo shoes. Your gridiron heroes are now replaced by these warriors of the Courts. And let me be clear, these are warriors who will give “no quarter nor waste any argument” (William Lloyd Garrison). In other words, they are ready to rumble and only the strongest will survive.

Our vicarious ideations of being Eli Manning or Justin Tuck are now replaced by the likeness of Perry Mason or Clarence Darrow. These icons will now act as your proxies for your love of football. Partisan positions will be just as fervently advocated by us as we did when rooting for our preferred teams. Who knows, with the insatiable passions a football fan possesses a legal fantasy team may arise, over/under lines established, even handicapped victories on a brief by brief basis.