MVP for the Players, Judge Nelson Sacked as Owners Throw All out Blitz

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Rather than referring to the players side as player side let’s dub them the Blue team. For the owners we will refer to them as the Red team. The “coach” for the Blue team is highly regarded lawyer DeMaurice Smith who boasts a pedigree that includes a J.D. from University of Virginia and Partner status at Patton Boggs and prior to that Latham & Watkins, 2 power firms. Drafted in the first round to bolster Mr. Smith’s team we find Attorney Jeffrey L. Kessler, a 1977 J.D. graduate and former editor of Law Review from Columbia University School of Law is currently lead counsel for the NFL players association as well as being the Global Litigation Chair at the international law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf.  He is also the co-chair of their Sports Litigation Practice Group. Also drafted in the first round by the players is Co-counsel James Quinn, another uber-lawyer who earned his J.D. credentials from Fordham University in 1971 and is currently in residence with the international heavy weight firm of Weil Gotschal. He is co-chair of their global litigation group.