MVP for the Players, Judge Nelson Sacked as Owners Throw All out Blitz

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On the other sideline and representing the Red team, our parenthetical coach is the very capable General Counsel and highly respected lawyer Jeff Pash. Drafted in the first round for the owners is the internationally recognized David Boies, Chairman of Boies, Schiller and Flexner LLP. His C.V. includes a J.D. magna cum laude from Yale in 1966 as well as acting as an advocate in some of the most seminal cases in the last 20 years. These 2 and their team of legal eagles are scouring the law books as they construct their briefs with the intent of winning a stay.

As in any game we must have a referee, independent in thought, non-partisan, well schooled in the rules and given the authority to enforce said rules as well as empowered to impose penalties. In football we have the 10 yard offensive holding penalty, among many other transgressions that are punishable; in law the referees may also impose sanctions in an effort to insure the integrity of the institution we call the Courts.