MVP for the Players, Judge Nelson Sacked as Owners Throw All out Blitz

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Just as the Blues and the Reds have their roster of “players” so too the Courts boast a crew of referees empanelled to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. Our head referee is David Doty (a Ronald Reagan appointee) with the field judge role being filled by Susan Richard Nelson, a former partner with Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P. where she specialized in mass torts and product liability. Judge Nelson was appointed to the 8th Circuit in April of 2010 by Barak Obama and received her commission in December of that same year.

Now, since our season may have been reduced to following the legal football let’s see who is winning. (Did Charlie Sheen copyright that adjective?) The players for the Blue team drew first blood with an 80 yard touchdown as Doty threw his yellow flag, disallowing the Red teams’ play to hoard network money as insurance against a lockout. Illegal procedure! Touchdown for the Blues!