MVP for the Players, Judge Nelson Sacked as Owners Throw All out Blitz

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Red team, attempting to regroup on offense tries a flea-flicker end around resulting in a lockout. Seems like a good play, sent down from the booth. But alas, the Blue team still has the momentum and now Field Judge Susan Richard Nelson throws the bean weighted yellow flag shouting foul deeming the play illegal with lose of down. The once favored Red team is now down 14-0 and reeling. But all is not lost and the Red team demands a review from the booth. With some far reaching presumptions supported by 89 pages of justifications the Red team is confident that this ruling will be overturned upon further review.  Based on my view of the play and the sometimes specious and even twisted logic employed by Field Judge Nelson I believe the play will be overturned and the Red team will cut the deficit to 7. Sure enough the Reds score and the first quarter of the “Game” will fade from our view as our Reds and Blues huddle up to plan their next play which will be Monday morning when the 8th Circuit will entertain motions and briefs. Players from both teams will be reaching deep inside their playbooks having closed practices this weekend in anticipation of Monday’s resumption of play.