Willie Parker On Redskins: They don’t care about football


Remember last year when the Redskins brought in Willie Parker to compete for the third spot in their backfield rotation?

Well, apparently Parker realized after getting to D.C. just how good it was to be in Pittsburgh.  Via PFT:

"“Being in Washington, they don’t care about football.  I didn’t feel good from day one there.  They weren’t about football.  They were about partying… You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else”"

You can appreciate Pittsburgh as a football town, as an organization, as a good NFL team no matter where you go.  D.C. is suffering from a decade of poor front office management particularly when it comes to squandering draft picks and poor free agency moves, how CAN it be all about football for the Redskins anymore?  Perhaps for the fans, it still is.  But the size band-aid that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have to apply to the situation around the beltway is larger than FedEx Field at this point.