Video: Will The Giants Make The Playoffs?


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Do the Giants make the playoffs this season? Yes’s across the board from the panel, and in the end I agree with their assesment here: Fewer turnovers from Eli and Bradshaw, improved defensive pass rush and pass coverage, and a slew of fantastic veterans comprising the 2011 NY Giants… they make the playoffs in 2011.

I disagree with the notion that the Giants didn’t run the ball well, they did. ~2,000 yards on the ground with a very unscripted offensive line and fullback situation, the Giants did extremely well for themselves with Bradshaw going over 1,200 yards and Brandon Jacobs amassing 800+. Tiki Barber is not needed to reignite a running game that is already very good, just a few less turnovers from this group and it’s an entirely different outcome …. protect the football …. something to work on in 2011 no doubt.

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