King: Eli Ranks Above Cutler, Flacco, Bradford, McNabb (and Romo?)


Peter King has Eli Manning ranked #77 on his list of top 100 NFL players right now — above Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, and Donovan McNabb.

Tony Romo is featured as the #9 best NFL QB by a panel of players, but King is mum on where he has Romo ranked… for now.

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If you read between the lines, it could be that Romo like McNabb and T.O. — got bumped from the top 100 all together.

King said of his bottom 30 on his top 100 list:

"…there’s no way Donovan McNabb, based on the 2010 season and his uncertain future, should be the 12th-best quarterback and 100th player here; it seems bizarre that multiple players would choose him as one of the top 20 players in football right now.I rate players based on impact and ability, obviously, but also on where they are in their careers."

So King ranked Eli at #77 on his list of top NFL athletes as it stands today.  Sam Bradford got the #100 honors and bumped McNabb out of the top 100 picture completely. We’ll find out where Romo ranks in the coming weeks as King sorts through his weekly 10 players from #69 down to #1.

But I think it’s awesome that King seems to have a soft spot for the Giants. I can recall that during last year’s road trip of training sessions he loved the NY Giants, especially defense and the depth of their line — he actually had them penciled in as going to the Superbowl based on what he saw at camp.  I like the fact that he calls it how he sees it, and often that picture doesn’t quite jive with the consensus of other main stream analysts.

Check out the full article here — it’s a good one as usual: