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Donovan McNabb Is Likely Done In D.C.

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Here’s a snippet that basically says it all:

"“When he was scrambling, he was struggling” Manley said of McNabb. “He compared himself age wise to guys like Brett Favre and John Elway. He probably has some stats, but doesn’t have the wins and losses (of that) collective group behind him. … McNabb took a beating. Jason Campbell took a beating. The guy got sacked 47 times, but kept getting up. McNabb can’t take that beating 47 times. He can barely take more than 15 licks. It’s the right choice to send him on his way.”"

QB John Beck will be the likely replacement… which is in line with what Ryan from Riggo’s Rag was saying the other day

DMN: Staubach on Romo – ‘We’ve got a Super Bowl quarterback’

"“He is a fierce competitor. He works out. He’s with his team during the season. He’s one heckuva football player. I think he has been a leader. Leaders — you mature as you get experience yourself at that position. But the players like him. And look what he’s done. He’s accomplished a lot.”"

There’s just one thing, Tony Romo would say that because he hasn’t won a championship — it’s the biggest accomplishment to measure yourself by as an NFL QB.  Flashback: he doesn’t consider himself elite.

NY POST: Jerry Reese Inspires Graduates at Alma Mater

"“It’s the 5 percent that you do, that you bring to the table — that unique 5 percent — that’s what we’re asking from you. That’s your contribution. I believe there is someone sitting here today with the last 5 percent that can find a cure for cancer. I believe there are people sitting here today with the last 5 percent could be a general manager of an NFL football team. It can happen. I sat right where you are sitting right now years and years ago. I am the living proof.”"