Tuck Aids Tuscaloosa Victims


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Here’s a quote from the article:

"“The sad thing is that building and reconstruction hasn’t even started yet, because they still have to get the downed trees out of the way on so many streets and roads and properties. But the one thing I found that was so impressive to me was hope. These people all want to rebuild. They want their lives back and they want to live there. If hope’s lost, people won’t want to come back.”"

And the notes from yesterday’s column are in — King was asked to provide the rationale behind post Eli Manning above Tony Romo on is list of Top 100 NFL Players:

"“Can you please explain how Eli Manning ranks higher on your list of the 100 best than Tony Romo? I don’t believe either one to be the “elite” QBs in the league, but how does a quarterback with a career rating of 80.2 and completion percentage of 58% rank better than a QB with a 95.5 rating and a 64% completion ratio? Please don’t give me the Super Bowl win as an example. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson won Super Bowls, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t rank them higher than Dan Marino.”–Chris, Albany, N.Y.Quarterbacks need to be judged in a variety of ways. Accuracy is important, and I’m a big accuracy guy. Rating is significant but less important to me, because it gives quarterbacks credit for playing it safe rather than taking some of the chances a quarterback needs to take. But winning the big games, and playing big when it matters the most, are big factors to me.Eli Manning’s track record of playing well in the biggest games is far better than Romo’s. Manning was an underdog for four road playoff games in 2007 (Tampa Bay, Dallas, Green Bay and New England at a neutral site) and won them all. Manning was brilliant at Green Bay, playing as well in a bad-weather championship game as any quarterback has played. I can’t sit here and say Manning will have a better career from this point on than Romo, but I can say he’s certainly shown signs of being a better playoff quarterback than Romo."

The rest of Peter King’s article is here – check it out:   http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/05/17/mail/index.html