John Mara: Time To Get Back To Football


John Mara President of the New York Giants wrote an articles for titled “Time to Get Back To Football“.  

It’s worth a read (as much any lockout discussion is worth a read. Yuck).  But it’s best summed up here.

The solution lies at the bargaining table. Everyone should realize what is at stake, especially in this economy. Right now, fans are caught in the middle listening to rhetoric and legalese they don’t want to hear. That is why, as ownership and players, we must recognize our shared responsibility as stewards of the game to compromise and reach a fair agreement — one that highly compensates players, protects their health and safety, ensures the on-field competitiveness of 32 teams, helps retired players, and improves the fan experience and fan value. The best way to get there is to let both sides exercise their labor law rights.

The current ball of confusion needs to become a football season, pronto; the kind of football season that NFL fans have grown to love and that has made our sport so popular.
Can’t say it much better than that. I hope something happens soon and I”m excited about the Giants draft class, the roster, and just watching games in general.