Coach Coughlin Speaks Out


Tom Coughlin was on NFL Live this morning, likely echoing the concerns of all the coaches in the NFL these days. His concerns for the Giants and their readiness grows with each day that the lockout continues.

"“I see eight weeks of the off-season have gone by, we haven’t had our rookies in, we haven’t had any of our veterans in, we haven’t had our hands on our surgical repairs,” Coughlin said. “If it continues like this right up to training camp there will be no off-season and of course that’s going to affect your installation schedule, how rapidly your rookies can pick all this up.”"

I suppose the best thing that can be said is that all teams will be in the same boat when the lockout is finally resolved. No team will be able to prepare their rookies, whose developments as NFL-capable players will be delayed. As a coach it must be frustrating to not have control over their players, and Coughlin is especially accustomed to being deeply involved with workouts, despite his well-publicized changes in coaching style in recent years.

He did, however, commend Eli Manning and the rest of the offensive players who have been working out at Hoboken High School, and mentioned that he is confident the rest of the team is doing all they can on their own to prepare for the season. Here’s hoping he is right!