Giants and Hard Knocks


Ok, hold up, this isn’t breaking news; let me preface this article by saying the Giants are probably never going to be on the popular HBO series Hard Knocks. Every summer we get an inside glimpse into organizations like the Ravens, Cowboys, Bengals and most recently, the Jets; seeing every aspect of the team. Story lines typically centers on the coaching staff, rookies trying to make the team and how the vets are trying to improve. HBO is still looking for the 2011 version (if there is a training camp) I’d be very interested, as a Giants fan, to see the true behind the scenes of Big Blue.

Coming off a disappointing end to the 2010 season, Tom Coughlin is considered by some experts on the “hot seat” and would be an interesting story line how he coaches and motivates his players under fire. Furthermore, fans can see a side of Coughlin that many outside the team sees, showing he’s more than the guy known as a stickler for arriving early to team meetings. Tom would be the total opposite “character” than last year’s coach, who’s best at making one liners and bold predictions. I think the biggest surprise for viewers would be, Tom Coughlin actually has a personality, and see why the players do enjoy playing for him.

Another story line would be the development and transition of rookies like the Prince and Marvin Austin; along with the rest of the draft class and undrafted free agents. I think many fans and experts are excited to see if in fact we did get a couple of steals in the top of the draft. Specifically, is Marvin Austin a motivated, hungry player after sitting out last year and who earned bad reputation within some NFL circles after the combine interview process. Also, what’s the impact from new free agents (LB, OL, etc) and the other holes needed to be filled before the start of the season. Also, who are the guys making a strong push for making the team or increased roles. I’d like to see how Jerry Reese views the roster and makes decisions on the building of a championship team.

Finally, how does Eli bounce back from a 25 interception season? I think Eli Manning doesn’t get enough credit for the work he puts in on and off the field, and how’s he’s viewed as a leader. Maybe, just maybe Eli can nationally step a little outside of his older brother’s shadow. Overall, the veterans feature a mix of big personalities and talents would transition pretty well with the overall presentation of the Hard Knocks are looking for in a team.

It won’t happen, but would be interesting to see. The organization from the top down have never been big fans of drawing attention to the team unless the play of the team, and prefer to handle things low key. We’ll see what happens this summer.