Hello Giants Fans! I wanted to introduce myself and tell you what you can expect from my column in the coming weeks.
First of all I want to say I am honored to be given this opportunity to write for GMENHQ.com. Giants fans are known as the most fervent, and the most intelligent fans in sport, so this is a responsibility I will take seriously.
I am a lifelong Giants fan, that after 20 years or so on the waiting list, was lucky enough to get season tickets in the new building. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of this team and I will remain a loyal fan for the rest of my life. If you are looking for someone who will call for the Head Coach to be fired every week, or for Eli to be traded, you need to read someone else’s column. I pride myself on having a long term view of events. I consider myself very analytical, and re-watch every game before I write my columns. I am a student of the game, I am a high school football umpire and understand the duties and responsibilities of each official on the field. I hope this gives me a unique view of our beloved team that you will enjoy reading each and every week. I plan on writing two columns a week, generally on Mondays and Fridays, but will add my views when events necessitate.

I hope you will become a loyal follower. I look forward to your comments, and for more insight you can read my blog at http://nygblogjt.blogspot.com or follow me on Twitter @Tufdan.