Eli Manning Makes Top Of NFL “B Group” Quarterback List


Unlike the ESPN NY ranking we posted about earlier in the week — Eli Manning rankes first in the “B Group” of quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Clipped from: www.nfl.com (share this clip)

That’s #6 overall, for those keeping score (ehem, me). Actually, Pat Kirwan was spot on it a couple of regards:

#1, Eli is underrated:

"Underrated with 4,000-plus passing yards and fourth in touchdown passes (31)."

#2, Eli is overlooked:

"Eli Manning has a Super Bowl MVP, a lifetime 64-46 record, has never missed a start. Those are just some of the reasons he should have made the top 100."

Interceptions in 2010 of course keep him off the tip of everyone’s tongue in terms of underrated quarterbacks, but we all know about the tipped passes and how so many of those catchable balls went the other way. The fact is he’s had back to back 4000+ yard seasons with impressive TD numbers… and there are no signs of him slowing down. Pat Kirwan is right on the money here, and I think the potential for Manning to have a truly great season in 2011 is in the making with his receiving core as young, deep, and talented as it is.