Flashback: Plax on Plax


Forever and ever ago after the Giants won Superbowl 42, before his contract was renegotiated, before he shot himself… Plaxico Burress went on the record about his negotiations and said some candid things about his career that may come home to roost.

Basically, he wanted to remain a NY Giant until the end of his football career. Philly, take note:

"Me and my agent have been trying to get it done so I can (be) a New York Giant for a long time. I personally don’t like the way its going. I’m not happy about it and I’m going to choose not to participate (in mini camp).…This is only my ninth season. I’m in the prime years of my career. I can play stellar football for at least another four or five years. As far as me getting injured last year, that’s basically one of the most frustrating years I’ve been through. I sit back and look at myself and if I can go out and do the things I did basically on one leg and a half a knee in the Super Bowl, what kind of performance am I going to give when I’m 100 percent?"

Plax proved what he could do at 100%, allow the Giants to dominate. He drew doubles consistently, opened up the running game not only by blocking but just because he’s him, and provided a huge target for Eli to rely on in the clutch.

Point being — if Plax only has a couple of years left to give, where is he going to want to spend that time?  In Philly where he has to learn a completely different system?  St. Louis where the former Giants DEFENSIVE coach is now in charge?  Or will it simply be in NY where he’s familiar with the offense, organization, his QB, and where he wanted to finish out his career before this whole mess started?  Frankly, if the rumor somehow came true and Plax goes to the Eagles – there are going to be a plethora of disgusted Giants fans out there.  I think its worth bringing Plax in to NY and seeing where he’s at when released from prison next month.