Trying to Make Sense out of Nonsense; The Strike

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Will the strike end? Of course it will end but at what cost and when? As more people become aware of the intransigence and greed of the owners, how will fans respond? Baseball took a major hit in 1994, abdicated their moral high ground by turning a blind eye to steroids in an effort to gain attendance and boost revenues. They really didn’t recover until 2004 when the Boston Red Sox finally won the championship after 86 years.

It will surprise me if the 2011/2012 season is played. Will it take 10 years for football to recover? As with any problem that is man made, this problem may be easily resolved by the very men that created it. The question they must ask themselves is this worth 10 years of disruption, reduced revenues, and fan betrayal so that they may pocket more billions. I know these high earners (owners) are not going to create more jobs with their additional billions so why kill the golden goose? One can only buy so much stuff in a lifetime, how much do you need?