David Diehl: Bringing The “Sunshine” For Memorial Day Weekend!

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Memorial Day weekend started early for Giants fans this year and on a very positive note to boot. With weather forecasters predicting rain over the holiday, and on a seemingly overcast night, the left tackle for the New York Giants brought a heaping portion of sunshine for all to enjoy, as well as a few friends.

David Diehl hosted the Big Blue Moon Charity Event on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at The Garden @ Studio Square in Queens, NY. Diehl is 6′ 5″, 319 lbs but with the passion and motivation that he has for his charity, it is safe to say that his heart is twice the size.

Project Sunshine is the charity that Diehl has immersed himself into, when he is not protecting Eli Manning of course. From the Project Sunshine website,

"“Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges.”"

Joseph M. Weilgus, the founder of Project Sunshine was on hand for the Big Blue Moon Charity Event, and may just have a bigger heart than David Diehl. It takes a big man to start up an organization such as Project Sunshine, and to give it all you’ve got. Please give a listen to what Joseph Weilgus has to say about Project Sunshine and what an extraordinary organization it truly is:

Q1: Could you tell me a little bit about what Project Sunshine is all about?

Q2: How did you start out?

Q3: What was your inspiration to start Project Sunshine?

Q4: You said that you currently have tens of thousands of volunteers?

Q5: So you are not only doing good out in the community but you are also creating jobs?

Q6: Have you partnered with the NFL or do you find that it’s just certain individual players that have a bigger heart than others?

Q7: Where do you want to see Project Sunshine in the future?

When Joseph Weilgus gave me his contact information, he handed me two cards and said this,

"“This (first business card) is where I make my money and this (Project Sunshine card) is where I give it.”"