David Diehl: Bringing The “Sunshine” For Memorial Day Weekend!

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Clearly, after listening to the interview with Mr. Weilgus you can get a sense of how determined to help these children that he really is.

Not only was the Big Blue Moon Charity Event for a good cause but there was lots of fun to be had. There was a dunk tank where you could sink the scantily clad (men and women) and the soul who was brave enough to sport a Dallas Cowboys jersey. The tank achieved its goal of raising money for Project Sunshine and everyone who stepped foot in it got soaked.

There was also raffle drawings and a live auction. The raffle prizes were more than enough to make the stingiest of misers reach into their pockets to purchase at least one ticket. Signed autographed jerseys from Justin Tuck, Hakeem Nicks and, of course, David Diehl were the prizes to be had. The highlight of the raffle drawing was a signed, Diehl Pro Bowl jersey. One “lucky” fan won all three raffle jerseys. He was also reported as having spent beaucoup dollars on tickets. While the crowd was not pleased, booing as the indicator, the man spent his hard, earned money to help the kids…and take home the goods, naturally.

The live auction included some items that would make a blue blooded Giants fan drool. Diehl parted ways with a jersey from Super Bowl XLII not to mention his sideline PSL tickets for this year’s matchup against the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers sent in an autographed jersey to add to the package. To increase the bidding, David Diehl threw in parking passes in the players lot right next to him. The fans that won these bids went home quite pleased. But the larger story is that ultimately, the children who are in need of the services that project Sunshine provide were the real winners.