Outside Perspective: Giants Top 3 In Defensive Passing Defeats


Football Outsiders has ranked the top passing defenses in the NFL in regards to “defeats” today – the Giants are among the top 3 defenses in the NFL.

Clipped from: www.footballoutsiders.com (share this clip)

The ranking is unpacked after the jump

Here’s a “defeat” defined:

  • turnovers
  • sacks
  • tackles behind the line on short passes
  • tackles or passes defensed that prevent a third-down conversion

And here is where the Giants stack up according to FO:

Terrel Thomas, Justin Tuck, and Deon Grant claimed top honors for the Giants defense in gaining these so called “defeats”

With the addition of some more defensive young talent in the draft like Prince Amukamara, Marvin Austin, Greg Jones, and Tyler Sash – the Giants might be able to improve on that ranking in 2011.