New Meadowlands Stadium Naming Rights


Recently, there has been grumblings of a potential announcement for the naming rights of the New (Giants) Meadowlands Stadium could be coming soon. With the economy still struggling, it’s been difficult to find a company to invest the money necessary (20-25mil/ yr) to come to an agreement on a long term naming rights of the Giants/Jets home. A naming rights deal will go long ways towards paying off the 1 billion plus construction costs. With a typical naming rights contract running around 20 years it could help generate over $400 million. Here are some companies I think could be in the running for the new stadium name.

Trump- With the Donald pulling out of the presidential bid, he can focus on his first real strength, property, marketing and self promotion. Donald Trump, a former USFL owner himself, knows a little about the business of football and could be an interesting addition to the NFL landscape. Trump is use to seeing his name on buildings already, ranging from casinos, condo buildings and golf courses. He could have the cash and vision needed to invest in the largest media market and the nation’s most popular sport. Just imagine his hair blowing in a place called, Trump Stadium, Trumpland or Trump Field.

Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg and other creators of the social network, has impacted millions. Quickly this company is worth multi-billions of dollars and already has had a movie made about it. Following in the footsteps of Paul Allen (Microsoft billionare and Seattle Seahawks owner), the company could take an opportunity to further market their company by slapping their name on an NFL stadium. Facebook could write a $400 million dollar check today without a blink of an eye. Just imagine someday, updating your status by saying you’re watching a game at Facebook Field. I can only imagine all the media nicknames for the stadium for years to come.

Giant Food Stores- To me seems like a no brainer as an option for a potential company to step up in naming the stadium. Giant is a chain of supermarkets in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Ok, yeah they don’t have any local presence in the New York/ New Jersey range, but expansion is always a possibility and what better way to make an impact. Many people already call the New Meadowlands, New Giants Stadium, why not make it official? Could the Jets really get duped into playing in a stadium featuring their co-tenet’s name? If I had a vote this would be best, and I’d have a letter campaign to the CEO of Giant Food Stores begging them to step up in the naming of the stadium.

I know all these options probably would never be serious contenders, but it’s my way of thinking outside the box and maybe create some laughs and discussion.