Report: Former Giant Derrick Ward Is A Good Dad


Times are tough in this NFL lockout — but that doesn’t mean we can’t support our former Giants for being stand up men in their home lives.

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Ward, who has one daughter, said of the negative stereotype that NFL players live with when it comes to being fathers:

"“There are good fathers and there are bad fathers in the NFL just like in society. But my bottom line has always been if the individual wants to do right by their kid, they’ll do it.”"

Ward is no longer in a relationship with his daughter’s mother according to the report, but because he wants to give his child the best opportunities to have a healthy family unit, the parents are still on good terms.

"“There are guys who want nothing to do with the exes. But keeping a positive relationship with Jaida’s mom is important for Jaida, so I do it.”"

Good for D-Ward and his family. Glad he can be a positive example battling the negative stereotype in the NFL.