Eli On Tiki: I’d Rather Have Plaxico Back On The Giants


Eli Manning was on Dan Patrick’s show this morning and basically said publically what everyone already assumed privately…. that the Giants would rather have Plaxico Burress back on the team than Tiki Barber.

Clipped from: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com (share this clip)

On Tiki:

"“Tiki just ended on a bad note. It’s really a shame, he should be remembered as a great Giants running back and a terrific player — because he was — but the way he went out he burned a few bridges.”"

On Plax:

"“He has probably fonder memories, winning a Super Bowl, that catch for the touchdown in Super Bowl XLII… So I think Plaxico would probably be welcomed back a little quicker."

Eli also said that hitting back at Tiki’s criticism earned him more respect in the locker room than if he had said nothing. On the thought of either coming back — Tom Coughlin probably is NOT thinking to himself: “We’ll See…” even though we sort of wish he was on board with the Plaxico option.