Labor Talks Back To March 11 Terms


Apparently, the labor talks that lasted all day today took place in a DeLorean with a fully loaded flux capacitor on board, because the terms of the deal were taken all the way back to March 11 terms by the owners, before there even was a lockout, according to a source.

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"…players say the owners are asking for a $400 million to $500 million expense credit that would have sent the players’ total take to 45 percent of revenue. A player source told ESPN that split is unacceptable, adding that “sets us back to March 11 … before the lockout.” Meanwhile, a league source told ESPN that owners haven’t gone back on revenue split offers. “It’s a negotiation, which is always subject to change,” a source said."

“Hello, anybody home? Think McFly, THINK!” How in the good lords name will there ever be an NFL season if these “negotiations” keep going back over infertile ground?