This Week In Mock Drafts

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I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend your Fourth of July celebration than sitting back and reading another installment of ‘This Week In Mock Drafts.’ Luckily for you I’m hooking up you devoted readers out there with such a thing.

So, get out the soda pops, potato chips, and seedless watermelons and dig into this week’s ‘This Week In Mock Drafts.’

The next contestant on ‘This Week In Mock Drafts’ for the week of July 4, 2011, is Reggie McColgan from Just to get this out of the way so no one accuses me of blatant homerism, NFL Mocks is a part of the FanSided network of sports blogs, which is the very same network that GMEN HQ calls home.

The mock draft that I’ll be taking a look that McColgan mocked up is from June 29, so kind of a recent one. Most of the mocks I’ve been featuring here in this column were written all the way back in May; ancient by today’s mock draft musings standards.

The order of McColgan’s 2012 NFL mock draft is based on what he describes as, “upon situation and observation on my part.” He also says to enjoy them, as do I!

Before we get to the Giants let’s see where the rest of the NFC East makes appearances throughout McColgan’s draft. The Redskins are predicted to finish second last in the NFL, which means they would get the number two overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That’s not too shocking if you’ve seen the Redskins roster. What’s shocking is that they are still able to land the perceived best college player who’ll be in next year’s draft, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck, the player many believe to go first overall in the draft, is still there because McColgan thinks Carolina will be picking first again and don’t need a quarterback after taking Cam Newton. That’s some sound knowledge. Just look for, as McColgan also states, some other team, maybe even the Redskins, to trade up into the number one spot to take Luck.

The other two teams in the NFC East, the Cowboys and the Eagles will be picking 17th and 22nd overall, respectively, in the draft, based on McColgan’s predictions. Now, where do the Giants place in all of this?

Very, very well, actually. Of all the mock drafts that have been a part of ‘This Week In Mock Drafts’, McColgan’s mock predictions have placed the Giants in their highest position yet. Where would that be? Playing in the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts! A Manning versus Manning Super Bowl has been one that NFL marketers have dreamt of for some time now and would cause Archie Manning’s head to explode deciding which player to root for at what time.

However, McColgan has the Giants losing to the Colts in the Super Bowl as his mock draft has the Colts picking 32 and the Giants picking 31. Still, seeing the Giants in the Super Bowl next year would be pretty sweet. Of course, winning it would be even sweeter.

Since this is an article about mock drafts it’s time for me to stop dreaming of another Super Bowl win and focus my attention on who was mock picked to the Giants in McColgan’s 2012 NFL mock draft… And, that player would be…