Wednesday Whammies: The Bad Boys Of Free Agency

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The “old man” of the group is none other than Terrell Owens. T.O. turns 38 this year. I must apologize for using the picture above. Sure, it’s a bit played out and cliche at this point. But I just love it! Who can forget that magic press conference? I digress.

Owens is not only the oldest athlete in the group. He is also the man with the most receiving yards – 15,934. Aside from the typical reasons that a team would be hesitant to add him to their active roster, a recent development has surfaced which makes Owens a HUGE gamble – a torn ACL. How the injury to his knee happened seems to be as closely guarded as the U.S. Mint. What we do know is that the injury happened back in April and he did undergo surgery.

Owens’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, says – “…this injury is not a big deal.” I highly doubt that a coaching staff in the NFL will share the same opinion. When you weigh in the factors of his infamous on and off field hijinks, age and recent injury the result is clear. Owens’ best days are behind him.