Courts Release Decision In Owners Favor, Despite Progress In Talks


Interesting breaking news folks – the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the owners and overturned the lower court’s decision to lift the lockout.

via Pro Football Weekly’s twitter feed:

"The 8th Circuit has ruled 2-1 allowing the NFL lockout. Ruling not a surprise, timing is. Hope was new CBA would come before ruling."

Good news for rookies and free agents though:

"8th Circuit Cout says that players not under contract can’t be locked out. So rookie, free agents may be able to talk with teams very soon."

But there still is a “motive for settlement” according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Again via twitter:

"8th Cicruit ruling not a total victory for owners. The antitrust case/damages lingers in this ruling, so leaves motive for settlement"

I still say this whole thing wraps up by July 14, just before the stroke of midnight. The full decision can be read here: