Slow Transition: NFL Agreement Could Be In Place By July 21, or October


An interesting tweet from The NY Daily News this morning — basically calling out the NFL for having a contingency plan to play a partial season if the CBA isn’t resolved by the end of the month.

via TheBlueScreen twitter feed:

"Report says NFL could have new agreement by July 21, open FA on July 28. …Always read the fine print. Same report says the NFL has a transition plan in place just in case the new CBA isn’t done until … October."

What are we to think about this? Is this ‘just in case’ or is this a likelihood? My thinking was that the agreement was going to be reached by July 14 so that the preseason schedule and training camp logistics would still be able to be worked out appropriately. If we’re talking a couple more weeks after that to have a deal set in stone, I’m ok with that. If we’re talking October, I’m not so sure I’ll even want to watch the product on the field at that point.