Giant’s OT’s: Do the Venerable Bookends Need Upgrading?

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It is the second week in July and for the first time since the Super Bowl; I am daring myself to believe there will be a football season. Encouraging information is coming out of the NFL labor talks suggesting a deal may be struck by July 17th with subsequent veteran free agency opening on July 28th. In view of the upcoming free agent stampede let’s look at the Giant’s offensive tackle needs today with other positions discussed in subsequent postings. Are you ready for some football???
Offensive linemen evoke images of dusty, snorting Caterpillar Earthmovers tasked with crushing anything in their way and paving a path of daylight for the nimble running back to explode through. And when not plowing through their opponents, offensive linemen, in a synchronized and choreographed manner, gracefully form a protective shield around the quarterback, affording him the time to successfully complete a pass. No NFL team can be successful without a highly skilled, intelligent and physical group of linemen, working in concert with the other as they methodically neutralize the felonious intent of their opponents. This has been an area of strength for the Giants in the last few years.