NY Giants Homefield Advantage Ranking Needs Improvement


The Giants need a fresh start in 2011 — and there is reason to believe they’ll get it thanks to the lockout and naming rights deals, both currently in negotiations.

According to Team Rankings – out of 32 the Giants rank #28 in their homefield advantage power ranking. In other words — they have no advantage when they play at New Meadowlands Stadium. In fact it’s a liability. The Jets interestingly enough are even worse off. In any case, here are a couple things that might alter that trend in 2011 for the Giants:

1) New Stadium Name – reports indicate that MetLife Stadium may be the new home for the Giants and Jets in 2011, so a new name entitles you to a new start. The Jets have an even worse advantage rating at #31. What is it about the Meadowlands that gives the home teams such a disadvantage?

2) New Training Camp Location – while the Albany area is certainly disappointed that the Giants won’t be heading upstate for their training camp, the Giants will get to know their home turf a lot better by staying home for camp this season. New training destination, in turn perhaps a new found sense of confidence on the field will result from this change. The only catch is, hopefully we won’t see any more Domenik Hixon incidents on the turf at Timex.