Report: Major Progress In Negotiations Toward New CBA


PFT has a report up today that outlines what could be major progress toward a handshake deal by the end of this week

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"Albert Breer of NFL Network describes it as “major progress.” Breer also points out that there aren’t many other remaining issues.…Mike Freeman of CBS Sports writes that the owners made a significant concession on the rookie wage scale, something we’ve been saying for days that the owners should do, especially since the players’ proposal as of Monday already represented a win for the league."

Good news, I’ll believe it when I see it though. Originally I had predicted that by 11:59 tonight there would be an inked deal done… but if all else goes as planned to reach a legally binding agreement by July 21 the handshake will have to come by tomorrow night by midnight. If not, the whole situation turns into a pumpkin. AKA – no HOF game, threatening the rest of the preseason schedule.