Fast Tracked CBA Still Points To July 21 Deadline


Amid rumors that a new CBA is being ‘fast tracked’ by players — the announcement of a handshake deal is still not likely to come today. Now, that’s sobering.

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On the wage scale issues:

"In terms of the rookie wage scale, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that first-round picks will sign four-year deals with options for a fifth year, and that will decrease their money 40 to 50 percent from last year. Veterans would get that money instead. Schefter also reported that this new CBA, when finalized, will be for a duration of 7-10 years."

Whats left to hash out then?

"There are still issues that need to be hashed out between the two sides, including but not limited to, the Legacy Fund — money toward retired player benefits, player fines, player safety and litigation — plus, the two sides need to settle the Brady antitrust lawsuit."

And perhaps most importantly, what is the timeline looking like?

"In terms of a timeline, the owners and players are scheduled to meet with Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan on July 19. Judge Boylan has mediated most of the talks since they resumed in June before going on vacation. The owners have a meeting scheduled on July 21 in Atlanta."

So in essence, there is no news. July 21 is still looking like the drop dead date because of the owners meeting in Atlanta. There will be no announcement today as we mentioned this morning, and despite significant progress the players will keep everything tabled until next week.