Day 1 Around the NFC East


I could not be happier that the lockout is finally over. Lately I have been watching CFL games on the NFL network just to feed my craving. But if it’s not the Giants, it’s just not the same! Thankfully we are now  back in business and it has been an eventful day so far for the Giants, with a few key additions and cuts, and plenty of questions still lingering.

But what about the rest of the NFC East? I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on a few key points and rumors about the teams we love to hate after the first full day of our new post-lockout world.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Kevin Kolb is still an Eagle for the time being. Rumors have always been that he will go to the Cardinals, and I have been hearing lately that the Seahawks are interested. Of course, the Seahawks have reportedly acquired Tarvaris Jackson from the Vikings, but that doesn’t necessarily place Kolb out of Seattle. Regardless, it looks like the Eagles are wisely biding their time to see what they can get for him.
  • It is also rumored that Vince Young is a possibility as back-up to Mike Vick. Makes sense to me, given that a back-up in Philly will more than likely see some playing time with Vick’s risky play style, and Young, while a mental case, can still play. And it’s not likely that too many teams will take a chance on Young, so I am sure the Eagles could get him for cheap. This certainly makes way more sense to me than those ridiculous rumors that they are interested in Favre, though we have all learned to never say never where Brett is concerned.
  • A bunch of undrafted free agents have been signed by the Eagles. Check out this link to see the rundown.
  • And I know this will come as a complete shock to everyone, but there are rumors that there is drama brewing with DeSean Jackson. He may be considering a holdout to renegotiate his rookie contract, now in its final year. Should be fun to watch over the coming weeks.

Dallas Cowboys

  • The Cowboys will begin by cutting players on Thursday since they are over the salary cap. As of now there are rumored to be five players on the chopping block: right guard Leonard Davis, Kicker Kris Brown, right tackle Marc Colombo, receiver Roy Williams and running back Marion Barber. Certainly the most newsworthy cuts are Barber and Williams. Barber was a force to be reckoned with in his prime but it seems like his best years are behind him. Plus he does not have the respect of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, so I am not surprised he is gone. And of course, Williams never came close to living up to the hype and price tag he once commanded, so that one is a no-brainer.
  • It looks like a main priority is to re-sign left tackle Doug Free, which will probably happen on Thursday once some room has been made. There will also be some contract restructuring among some of the top players, namely Tony Romo, Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware.
  • Eight undrafted free agents have made verbal agreements with the Cowboys. Click here for more information.  

Washington Redskins

  • Albert Haynesworth is still a Redskin. It’s extremely unlikely this will continue for much longer but the problem is the well-publicized problems between him and the team, and the fact that he is likely well past his prime. With all the additions that the Redskins need to make, trading him will probably not leverage as much return as they need to build their team. But it sounds as though the Redskins are prepared to do some serious spending in the next few days, and they have their sights set on several big names, including Barry Cofield. Only time will tell what will happen here this week.
  • Santana Moss is still a Redskin, and he will stay that way. He has reportedly signed a three-year, $15 million contract, including a $5 million signing bonus and $6 million in guarantees. Not bad for the 32 year old veteran. But given his career high season in 2010 this is really no surprise. Now if only they had someone to throw him the ball.
  • Speaking of which, Donovan McNabb is still a Redskin as well, but in all likelihood this will not be the case much longer. There have been rumors that the Vikings are interested in McNabb for some time. As mentioned above, earlier today the Vikings reportedly sent Tarvaris Jackson to the Seahawks, leaving a QB roster spot open. The Vikings’ quarterback of the future is first round pick Christian Ponder, so I can see the appeal in signing a veteran to a short term deal, especially with the shortened offseason. Whether McNabb is the right guy for that role remains to be seen. This would leave John Beck and free agent Rex Grossman as the only two quarterbacks on the roster for the time being.

News is breaking by the minute across the NFL. Stay tuned to Gmen HQ for everything you need to know about the Giants and other relevant news!