Bradshaw Too Expensive to Dolphins; Likely to Return to Giants and Kevin Boss and Giants Negotiating


The Giants haven’t made a ton of moves in free agency this year and seem unlikely to do so with how much money they’ll have to spend on retaining their own free agents. Good news, however, for Bradshaw fans is that Ohm Youngmisuk tweets that Bradshaw has “exited the Dolphins price range” and that unless he drops his demands will likely return to New York.

I actually think Joseph Addai or Ronnie Brown could be nice replacements for Bradshaw and perhaps at better value, but I have no problem if the Giants end up brining back Bradsdhaw.

Jason Lacanforna reports that the Giants are negotiating to keep Kevin Boss

While I think Boss could be upgraded, this one is a no brainer. What’s available in the free agency market besides Boss and Zach Miller (too expensive for the Giants) is limited and what’s on the depth chart is scary. Boss will probably return to the Giants.

What’s dissapointing though is that even after the deparute of Coefield and the release of O’hara, Suebert, Andrews, and Bernard the Giants still might not have a ton of money left for free agent linebackers.

Stephen Nicholas, one player the Giants were thought to be heavily interested in resigned with the Falcons. Poz signed with the Jagaurs, James Anderson signed back with the Panthers, and Stephen Tulloch seems likely to end up in Detroit.

The Free agency linebacker pool is shrinking fast and the Giants have yet to upgrade, perhaps, their weakest position.