Giants Trim The Hedge, But Who Will Be Starting Fullback?


Multiple sources have confirmed that Madison Hedgecock has been released from the NY Giants, and it was for several reasons if you think about it. Injuries the past two seasons, he couldn’t catch a ball if it was couriered to his palms, and he was basically outplayed by a rookie TE who stepped in at FB at a moments notice and reignited the Giants running attack as a tremendous lead blocker…. and Bear Pascoe can catch folks.

The Star-Ledger has a nice writeup about him here — this is the money quote:

"“When you’re playing with something that ain’t all right, it’s going to affect you. But all you can do is do the best you can with it. Just try to do the best job for the people who hired you to do it. Hopefully, they can get somebody else to do what I used to do. Maybe one of the younger guys will step up and do a good job there.”"

So it is that the Hedge had to be trimmed by the Giants — for salary cap reasons but also just based on general principle. And you know what — I’m getting right to the point now — I for one am not that sentimental about it. He got his ring with the Giants — he did his time, it is a physically demanding job that not many guys can do season in and out, but let’s call this what it is. And this is the hard, ugly, honest truth of it:

A fulltime fullback with mediocre status and injury issues that gets outplayed by a pass catching TE has no business being on the NY Giants in his own roster spot.

Like Mara said — the status quo will not do, and I expect the Giants to make a move, or keep Pascoe at FB, or alter the offense to utilize more 2 TE sets — SOMETHING in the vain of moving on without StoneHedge dragging their roster down by a spot.