Details Of Plaxico Burress / Jets Signing Emerge


Now that the Giants have missed their opportunity to reunite Plaxico Burress with his old Superbowl winning jersey – the Jets have swooped in and offered Burress more guaranteed money and a fresh start in NY… everything Burress was looking for.

So what differences did the Giants/Jets have when it came down to Turkey Talk? About $3 million in guaranteed money seems to be the deal maker. And although people are trying to spin this off on the coaching style differences between Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan, it seems the almighty dollar and the guarantees that went along with the Jets’ offer is what swayed Burress.

According to the Star-Ledger:

"Burress received a one-year deal reportedly worth $3.017 million, all guaranteed. The New York Post’s Steve Serby reported in a Tweet that the Giants offered Burress $4 million — $1 million in salary with no signing bonus, $500,000 if he’s active every game and $2.5 million in performance bonuses."

So it’s not like the Giants botched this one — they offered him a decent salary with incentives, looked like a smart plan was in place, and Coughlin/Burress had a good conversation. The Jets simply offered him more guaranteed money without incentives, and that’s going to help Plaxico and his family get back to a position of financial strength without question. I think the Giants were smart to offer him something, it wasn’t enough obviously, and at the same time I think the Jets were a bit forward to offer him so much money without seeing him run a single step or catch a ball.

But if Burress is the key ingredient that gets the Jets over their AFC Championship hurdle, so be it. It will be a good story for all involved if that happens.