Trade Rumor: Patrick Willis To Eagles For Asante Samuel


It goes without saying that the signings of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will do wonders for the Eagles secondary and defensive unit as a whole. But the Eagles aren’t done with making their moves to assemble an official “dream team” roster according to sources.

via Rich Smith’s twitter feed:

"NFL TRADE UPDATE- Source close to situation Reporting that Eagles and 49ers are in negotiations on a trade Asante Samuel for Patrick Willis.…Asante Samuel Patrick Willis were the names that 2 contacts mentioned, also said picks would be involved if it happened, far fetched agreed"

Now — I’m working on a post that basically questions whether or not Asomugha is truly that valuable an asset – and my initial research goes to show that Asante Samuel forces the worst QB rating throwing into his coverage than any other corner in the game. Samuel may in fact be more valuable than Asomugha and Cromartie combined when it comes to making plays on the ball and getting inside the head of the opposing QB. But that said, Patrick Willis is a beast and the Eagles need an upgrade at LB if they’re going to go all the way this year, which is obviously what they have in mind by making all these moves this offseason. If the rumor is true, I’m not sure who would get the better end of the deal as they are both top talents in their respective postions. Let’s wait and see what happens, and exactly how hard the Eagles are going to make it on the Giants to get a win against their rival this season.