Antonio Pierce On Osi – “I’m not on Osi’s side on this one”


Former Giants MLB Antonio Pierce has made some comments on ESPN radio that are going around today — and they really get to the heart of the matter between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants. Ultimately, Pierce believes Osi is wrong and the Giants are right.

via PFT:

"“It’s kind of hard to say I’m on Osi’s side,” Pierce said. “I understand it from the players’ side, but from the ownership side, they’re doing the right thing. They understand that there are some medical issues with Osi, maybe he doesn’t have a lot of good years left with his health and his body. The guy’s been very productive, but Osi needs to make his mind and say, ‘I might not go out there and get money like I think I can. I might not get Charles Johnson money. Maybe I need to settle for the $7 or $8 million I’m getting the next two years.’ So really I’m not on Osi’s side on this one.”"

There you have it — consider it nailed. Both sides have a point, but Osi’s not exactly in perfect form health wise heading into the season, he’s sitting out due to knee issues, and he’s also trying to negotiate a $70 million contract while doing it? No way. No fricking way.

And when you have the #1 pass rusher in the entire league, arguably one of the best overall players in the league – Cowboys OLB DeMarcus Ware taking pay cuts to help his team create cap room — your leverage is shrinking by the minute. Get off the bike and get to practice tonight, Osi. Your team and fans will thank you for it, eventually.