Update on Ben Patrick


This article courtesy of Jeff Roberts:

TE Ben Patrick’s retirement from the NFL may just be a temporary one.

He told his hometown newspaper, the Savannah (Ga.) Morning News, that he retired to deal with personal and family issues. He had signed a one-year deal Monday.

“I decided (Friday) night that I needed to step away to handle some personal issues and some family issues,” Patrick, 26, told the newspaper from his Arizona home. “I’ve got some issues that I need to work through and, obviously, that much of a distraction wouldn’t allow me to perform and prepare in football like I need to. I decided to step away for awhile to handle these personal and family issues.

“There are some things that I have to handle and need to handle, and I need to step away from the game. I appreciate everybody’s support but also ask for a little privacy until these matters are resolved.”

People let’s remember these are people first and they have problems too. Although we all think we would do anything to be in their shoes, it’s not always an easy life and they have other issues to consider.