Plaxico Goes for the Jolly Green, Shrinks from Less Than Giant Offer- A Postmortem

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I haven’t had a chance to comment on the departure of Plaxico Burress from the NY Giants and though it is old news I wanted to make a few points. Most already know that Plaxico has signed with the Jets after meeting with the Giants. The decision was motivated, I presume, by money and who can blame him. He has been sitting in a jail for the last 20 months, which in football years is an eternity. Creditors bills don’t stop because you are no longer making a living and Plaxico’s need to regain some financial security was paramount. The Jets stepped up with a generous offer and their gain is without question a Giant loss. This closes the chapter on one of the Giant’s more impactful and colorful players in recent memory and begs the question as to what exactly are the Giant’s up to for the 2011-2012 season?

I for one will miss Plaxico. His size, route recognition, and courage have been sorely missed. Let no one forget that prior to that fateful day in November of 2008, the Giants were an offensive juggernaut; Eli was enjoying a breakout season, and the Giants were poised to defend their title. But that all changed when “The shot heard ’round the City” resulted in a suspension for Plaxico,  Eli’s return to mediocrity, and a team reeling, distracted and ultimately eliminated in the first round of the post season. Burress was exhibited as the poster child for anti-gun advocacy by self-proclaimed Tsar of New York, Michael Bloomberg. The incident culminated with a most severe jail sentence, interrupting Burress’ career and relegating the Giants to also rans. What seemed to be an unstoppable march to glory turned most unceremoniously to a lost season.