Power Rankings??


ESPN has released their preseason power rankings. They rank the GIANTS 11th, after ending Week 18 last year in 12th. I usually put little to no stock into these rankings, however, given the GIANTS perceived “bad” offseason, let’s look at this rankings.

Only four NFC teams are ranked ahead of the G-MEN (Packers #1, Eagles #3, Saints #4, and Falcons #6). This would suggest that the good ole boys at ESPN believe the GIANTS are still a playoff team.

The Cowboys (#16) and Redskins (#29) are well behind the GIANTS. Immediately behind the GIANTS are the Bucs and Bears. Much like the Texans in previous years, the Bucs are the hot “now” team. “Experts” LOVE, LOVE Josh Freeman (based off one season) and the Bears can always be dangerous (even without an offensive game plan).

What does this all mean? NOTHING! A single preseason game has yet to be played. However, the Power Rankings are a sign that we are getting closer to real football.  I’ve listed my Preseason Week One Power Rankings below. Look for updated Power Rankings on every Tuesday of the Preseason and Regular season.

1.) New England Patriots

2.) Green Bay Packers

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers

4.) Philadelphia Eagles

5.) New Orleans Saints

6.) Indianapolis Colts

7.) Atlanta Falcons

8.) Baltimore Ravens

9.) New York Jets

10.) San Diego Chargers