Steve Smith Signs With the Eagles


Steve Smith had this to say on his facebook page:

"I will always cherish my time in NY and the super bowl victory.. This was obviously not an easy decision for me or something i ever expected but unfortunately the business aspect proved that the eagles wanted me to be part of their organization MUCH more than the Giants did.. A special thanks to my WR buddies, coach Gilbride, all of u amazing fans on here, and the entire giants organization for drafting me.. Time for a new beginning…"

Steve has always been one of my favorite Giants, and I am very upset by this news. It’s very frustrating when such an important part of the team is allowed to walk, especially to a rival team. I have a bad feeling this move will come back to bite the Giants. But, I wish Steve good luck, he has always been a great team player and a clutch receiver. He will be missed!