Time to open up the wallet, Jerry


Lockout ends. Reality hits Giants fans. Bradshaw, Boss, Smith, Kiwi, and Cofield all free agents. Reese is a great GM he will keep the core intact right? Wrong.

Hit 1: Seubert and O’Hara cut

Ouch that stings. They were old and hurt, but were true heart and soul guys.

Hit 2: The most inevitable– Barry Cofield to Redskins

Ok, ok we saw this coming. No big deal, we can groom the rookies.

Ray of Light 1: Kiwi re-signs and Baas signs

Good spending here Reese. Baas brings some youth to the O-line, and Kiwi was a force to be reckoned with pre-injury.

Ray of Light 2: Bradshaw re-signs

And below market value. Ok Reese your doing good buddy. Now resign Eli’s bread and butter.

Hit 3: Boss signs with the Raiders

Reese asleep at the wheel. Can Pascoe provide the same punch? I think not.

Hit 4: Osi saga takes the media spotlight

Officially becoming the joke of the NFL this season. Not a good look.

And then out of nowhere….

THE DAGGER: Steve Smith signs with the Eagles.

If Smith signed with the Lions would there be a big fuss? Most likely not, but Smith’s facebook comments were enough to make any Giants fan angry. Are you alive Jerry? Do you have a pulse?


Sign the biggest name out on the market: (Cotchery) or make a trade. Why you ask? For the fans. Jets and Eagles fans are hammering Giants fans on twitter, facebook, and any other kind of social media. And what is the response? Well we had a similar offseason when we won the Superbowl. Not true. The Giants kept the core intact and added little pieces during there Superbowl run. Who did they add this year? David Baas. Not saying the guy cant play, its just not the signing the fans NEED.

Reese needs a bandage signing to stop the bleeding occurring right now. If I was him I would be on the phone with Cotchery as I type this. A simple signing like Cotchery, a quick resolution to the Osi saga, and a simple trade for a Tight end (preferably John Carlson) would make Giants fans breath a little easier. You know what to do Jerry, open up the wallet, let the moths fly out, and give some hope to the Giants faithful.

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