Philadelphia Eagles: Master Tacticians


Respect has to be given where respect is due. And the Eagles indeed deserve respect.

Steve Smith could never take a snap for Philly and still be a solid signing. The reason for this is because they snatched him away from the Giants. Game, set and match.

Smith was awarded a 1 year 4 million dollar deal with 2 million guaranteed. Chump change for the Dream Team Eagles. With this signing, the Eagles created an uproar in Giantsville, took away Eli’s security blanket, and made experts question Jerry Reese’s motives. I am sure Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid are on two la-z-boy recliners right now laughing at the media circus surrounding the Smith signing.

Even if Smith does indeed get cut by the Eagles later on in the season, you know for sure he is not going back to the Giants with all the facebook and twitter uproar that has occurred.

My personal, trying to remain professional and unbiased thoughts to all this, you ask?

Touche’ Eagles, touche’.

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