Steve Smith risks career for a few dollars more…..


By now you have all heard that Steve Smith has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles ,who everyone thinks have improved themselves because they have spent some money, seem to be chasing a bit hard for their ever elusive championship. Steve Smith who played in 9 games, and started 7, last year has been out with a knee injury. He has not practiced, played, or even run routes for many months. The world renowned Giants medical staff performed the surgery on Smith’s knee and was monitoring his progress throughout. They believed he would be able to return to practice sometime in the first half of the season. The Eagles of course are saying it can be sooner. In all my years of watching sports there is one thing I have learned, Guys who come back from knee injuries are never quite the same until a year later. Think of Kenny Phillips last year, Osi in 2009, and other players who make it back to the field, but don’t make it back to the level they previously played at for at least another year.
Steve Smith turned down the Giants offer of 5 years and $35 million last year because he wanted to see what he was worth. He took the risk and lost. He now has a one year deal which will leave him in the exact place he was this off-season. He will play less than a full season, and be looking for someone to sign him based on a reputation. That usually doesn’t work out too well. Also he is going to depend on a medical staff to clear him to play that is very unfamiliar with him and his situation. I am sure Steve is going to push himself. I am sure Steve is going to say what he needs to say to get back on the field. I am sure the Eagles will dis-card him the minute he has a setback in his rehab.
The Eagles are not as powerful as some would have you believe, and a really bad fit for a short yardage possession receiver. More on them another time.
I wish Steve Smith the best, he gave us some great memories, but memories don’t win now.